Oxy-Gen air fragrance anti-vandal dispenser (batteries included)


Sale price£85.00 (ex VAT)


The Shield Air freshener system is perfect for all facilities at high risk of vandalism. Low VOCs mean it is ideal for green building and LEED certification requirements. Every refill is 100% recyclable and safe to dispose of in regular plastic recycling waste. Unique Oxy-Gen Powered refill technology delivers 60 days precise doses of intense scent with no variation on delivery or drying out.

  • 2x AA batteries included
  • Rail sector compliant (EN 45545)
  • Ideal for all facilities at high risk of vandalism
  • Stylish stainless steel construction
  • No harmful emissions, solvents or propellants
  • Silent operation, 2 years battery life
  • Visual light indicators for refill and battery replacement
  • Simple to install and refill and can be positioned at any height

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