Para Gleam - Dishwasher machine detergent (2 x 5L)

SKU: F05/5

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This highly concentrated solution is an economical and high performing product that is ideal for all professional dishwashers. Its non-foaming quality leaves utensils sparkling clean while reducing scale deposits and targeting even the toughest dried-on spots. 

  • Suitable for hard and soft water areas 
  • Free rinsing 
  • Reduces scale build-up 
  • Specialist formula of alkalis, surface active agents, water softeners and surfactants 
  • Can be used on all machine dishwashers 
  • Used for cleaning utensils, crockery, glassware, cutlery and stainless steel equipment 
  • For best results, use with Para Gleam Rinse 
  • Please note: This product is not suitable for hand washing or rotary brush machine, aluminium, zinc or alkali-sensitive materials.


Download the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Product Information Sheet here.

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