Residual Insecticide Concentrate (1 x 1ltr)

SKU: Pest/Buginsec/1ltr

Sale price£157.00 (ex VAT)


In-use cost: 50ml is required per 5L for covering a 100m2 area (the average train carriage is 140m2). This equates to £7.85 per 100m2.
  • Contains 2% Prallethrin and 10% Cypermethrin
  • Suitable for ultra-low volume fogging
  • A knockdown insecticide with residual that will remain active for 8-12 weeks which is safe for humans and pets
  • A general purpose insecticide which is an effective control method against flying and crawling insects including Moths, Wasps, Fleas, Red Mite, and Cockroaches.
  • Suitable for use in a wide range of settings including public transport

Download the Safety Data Sheet.

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