Thunder Bolt - (12 x 1L)

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Concentrated acidic cleaner / descaler. Removes severe water and uric acid scale from metals, ceramics and tiles

Pack size: 12 x 1l

A powerful surface safe blend of acids and detergents. Excellent ability to remove severe uric acid and water scale deposits from urinals, toilets, ceramic, stainless steel, tiles & concrete surfaces. Eliminates odour causing bacteria at source.

  • Eliminates and removes odour causing bacteria at source
  • Ideal for leisure & pool side cleaning
  • Unique washroom problem solver
  • Removes body fats, uric and water scale deposits
  • Deep cleaning formula
  • Pump Dispenser - Size 42mm
  • Fully Bio degradable


Download the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and Product Information Sheet here.

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